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Moving home is a stressful experience, so having to worry about the security of your new property when you’ve moved in, is probably something you could do without. Here at MP Locksmiths we provide a range of locksmith services for home movers in Cheltenham. When you move home and receive your new keys, you can never be sure, who may have a copy of them. There are lots of people that could potentially have a copy of the key to your new property eg. neighbours, family, friends, estate agents, previous tenants. MP Locksmiths can come to your new home on the day that you move in, and change all the locks, including any outbuildings or garages. We will also conduct a totally free, home security check, to ensure that the property is as secure as can be. This way you can enjoy your new home without the stress of wondering who still might have access to the property and if your home insurance is valid. If you are moving home sometime in the near future, book us today and we’ll come and secure your new property on the day that you move in. Call our expert Cheltenham locksmith today for a free quote on 01242 374056.
Change your locks when you move into a new property

Replace Old Locks

We always recommend that when moving into a new property, that you change all the locks, even if the property is a new build. New builds particularly, are fitted with low quality and low security locks. If you require us to come and replace the locks on your new property, we can be with you on the day that you move, for your peace of mind. Contact us today on 01242 374056.
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