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upvc door repairs Cheltenham

Failing uPVC window and door locks are one of the most common reasons our Cheltenham locksmiths get called out. After years of use uPVC locks and mechanisms can start to fail due to wear and tear. This is completely normal and our expert locksmiths are able to diagnose the issue and in most cases, we are able to repair the lock or re-align the door or window quickly, without having to replace the whole mechanism, which will save you both time and money.

Most uPVC doors are locked using what is called a multi-point lock. Multi-point locks, lock in several places up the frame of the door when you lift the handle. The action of lifting the handle repeatedly is eventually what causes the locking mechanism to fail. It is not uncommon for a lock to start to fail after around 10-12 years of use.

Although you may think that this will be an expensive uPVC door repair, it is not normally the case. Usually, we are able to repair the door locking mechanism without fully replacing it. However occasionally, if the lock has completely failed, we will have to replace it.

If your property requires uPVC window or door repairs, please contact our expert locksmith for advice and a free quote. We provide uPVC window hinge and lock repairs, as well as uPVC and composite door lock repair and re-alignment in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Winchcombe areas.

uPVC Lock Upgrades Cheltenham

Here at MP Locksmiths we take the security of your home or business seriously. Which is why we are able to provide you with advice to better secure your property by upgrading your uPVC locks. Upgrading your uPVC locks to high-security locks will help keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. If you are interested in having your uPVC locks upgraded, or replaced at your home or business, please contact us today to discuss your options on 01242 374056.
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Most of the work that MP Locksmiths receives is through repeat business and recommendation so you can rest assured that all work we carry out will be carried out to the highest standard. If you require any of our domestic or commercial locksmith services within Cheltenham or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today on 01242 374056