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Here at MP Locksmiths we specialise in the installation of high security, British Standard, anti-snap, anti-bump locks and locking mechanisms. In this day and age, lock snapping accounts for the vast majority of break ins in the UK, so having snap-safe locks installed on your home or business is an essential defence against would-be burglars.

As lock snapping is on the rise in Cheltenham, some insurance companies require for you to have snap-safe locks installed on your property for your insurance policy to be valid. If you fall victim to a burglary and do not have the sufficient locks installed on the property there is a good chance that the insurance company will not pay out on a potential claim, for neither damage nor losses.

If you are no sure whether you have snap-safe locks fitted to your home or business, then contact MP Locksmiths today for a free home or business security survey and we will come and establish which locks on your property are vulnerable to being snapped.

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Lock Snapping in Cheltenham

The most common method of entry for a burglar in Cheltenham, is to snap a lock on a uPVC door. This allows the burglar to gain entry to your property in under 10 seconds and without making much more noise than if you were to open the door with the key. The way a lock is snapped is the burglar simply uses a tool to snap the cylinder in half which allows them to quickly get inside. Having snap-safe locks installed on your property a deterrent to would be burglars, as they know if they see a snap-safe lock that there is no point in even trying.

We’ve put a video below that shows how a burglar would enter your property and how quickly using the lock snapping method.

What Can I Do?

Call MP Locksmiths today and have your external door locks in Cheltenham upgraded to snap-safe locks, our Ultion Locks come with a £1000 guarantee, which means if a burglar manages to enter your property through snapping the lock, Ultion will pay you £1000. Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation on having your home or business locks upgraded on  07399 106766.
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