The Euro Cylinder Lock

euro cylinder locks Cheltenham

Euro Cylinder locks are the most commonly used type of lock. They are fitted within a multi-point lock to uPVC and composite doors. If fitted in a lock case, they can also be installed in wooden and aluminium doors.

Euro cylinders are a really cost effective design as they can be replaced separately to the multi-point lock mechanism meaning should your lock ever fail it will be a lot cheaper to replace just the euro cylinder. This however is only the case if the euro cylinder is the problem if your multipoint locking system has failed then this will also have to be replaced.

When euro cylinders were first introduced to the market, they did have a rather severe weakness which enabled burglars to gain entry to a property quickly, quietly leave little evidence by using a method now known as lock snapping. Burglars are always on the look out for these earlier models of euro cylinder so if you do have one installed it would be worth calling out a local locksmith to come and upgrade your locks as soon as possible.

Standards Of Locks Improved

Since there was a huge spike in burglaries across the nation it was time for an industry-wide reaction. Lock companies have made innovative new designs making it much more difficult for burglars to gain entry, the Door and Hardware Federation produced a new standard of lock in 2011 – TS007.

The standard TS007 provides a mix and match solution for security upgrades with a possible 1, 2 or 3 star level of security. Euro cylinders are available with either a 1 or  3 stars, so a 1 star euro cylinder would be fitted with 2 star handles making the overall level of security a 3 star. Customers that just wish to have the locks changed can go with a 3 star euro cylinder lock.

As well as the introduction of TS007 in 2011 the Master Locksmith Association also administer sold secure, this involves four levels of testing, bronze, silver, gold and Diamond. So if you were to have a euro cylinder installed, that has a Sold Secure Diamond standard, then you can be sure that it has been very thoroughly tested.

Here at MP Locksmiths we supply and fit euro cylinder locks that have met all of these standards, 3 star Sold Secure Diamond Standard so if you need your locks upgrading or replacing then contact us today – 01242 374056